What is Amazon Keyword Indexing?

In simple words when you use the Amazon search box and you get a result, it means the search engine linked certain keywords to your product listing.
If for some reason the search term is considered irrelevant by Amazon, even if you have it in your Product Name, Bullet Points or Keywords fields, you will get no results.

Let's see an example.
In this case, we used the TP-LINK N300 ASIN number followed by a relevant keyword.
The result is in orange and we can see the product listing. This keyword phrase is INDEXED.

ASIN plus keyword check

"garlic press" however is not related to that ASIN, so Amazon will display a message in black and no product listing is to be seen.

These keywords are NOT indexed by the A9 search engine.

ASIN keyword indexing

However, this method can also give you some false positive results.

Most Keyword Index Checker tools will give you mixed results like this and it can result in drop of sales for you.

Let's see why to NOT rely on these tools:

Searching for "kebab maker box" gives us no results, as the word "box" is not in the listing.
Not even in the backend.

Manual indexing verification

But there was an PPC advertising for this keyword so the listing still got indexed and ranked.
In fact as I am writing this, it's on #1 organic position.

Double-checking with some popular keyword index checkers confirms that information they give is inaccurate.

indexing on Amazon

What we can do about it?

River Cleaner's TRUE Keyword Index Checker makes it easy to check the real indexing for all of your individual keywords or keyword phrases while also giving you an insight if the keyword was indexed through PPC or organically.

Combine that with a keyword geo-tracker and indexing email alerts and you get real gold.

Keyword geo-tracker

Go try the new Index Checker Tool for free at RiverCleaner.com

Now that we know for sure which keywords are not indexed, let's see how to fix them.

There are two main reasons why a keyword might not be indexed: relevance and rules. 

1. Make sure you are in the correct category.
Amazon is changing the browse nodes right now and sometimes you could be assigned a wrong category.
2. Placing the keyword in your title, bullets and subject matter can increase relevancy.
3. Launch a PPC campaign for that keyword

1. Make sure your title and key product features are within the allowed limit for your specific category. Some categories allow 80, others up to 200 characters.
2. The search term field is limited to 249 bytes.
3. Don't use any of the forbidden keywords
4. Limit your subjective terms 
5. Don't use brand names anywhere in your listing

There are too many rules on Amazon that we can possibly remember and they can change anytime without notice. The good news is that you don't have to.

Just run the River Cleaner's Chrome extension on your listing and follow the recommendations.

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