How to Use the Amazon Keyword Search Mobile App (iOS and Android)

Find keywords that you can easily rank for

River Cleaner offers a native iOS and Android mobile apps specifically designed for buyer intent keyword research.

While search engines provide search volume based on information search, buyer intent search volume is particularly interesting to e-commerce marketers, Amazon sellers, and product developers.

We designed the keyword tool to be as simple as possible to use, yet there is a lot of power behind the hood.

After you pass the registration screen, you will be greeted with this simple search interface.

You probably came to this page from the help icon on the top left side.
The LOGOUT button is located on the top right.

Start typing a keyword or a phrase to see suggestions that come directly from Amazon.

Tap on one of the suggestions or tap "Enter" on the keyboard.

You will see 4 columns which allow for sorting the displayed data:


KEYWORDS + ® shows alphabetically arranged suggested keywords and if the keyword or phrase contains any USPTO registered trademarks.

SEARCH shows the average monthly search volume on

KD (Keyword Difficulty) calculates the opportunity of the keyword, based on the organic and advertised competition.

Low opportunity score is shown in  RED (HARD), high opportunity score is in GREEN  (EASY)

Search results are displayed as an exact match. This means that the more detailed the search (long-tail keywords) the fewer results you will get.

In the case below, because we don't have any exact match suggestions for "red spatula" in our database, the result will be only one.


If you want to compare two or more keywords, instead of seeing keyword suggestions, you can separate them with a comma.

Example: red spatula, blue spatula

You will see a result similar to this one:

Want to see a specific phrase only. You can do that too by placing a comma after the keyword.

Example: red spatula,


Once you find keywords that you like, you can tap on the★to save them and organize them in projects so you can come back to them later.

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