How to Use Coupon River and Zapier to Distribute Unique Codes

Distributing a single-use coupon code is a powerful technique to drive external traffic to your Amazon listing, Shopify or any e-commerce store.

Coupon River offers a simple tool to connect your unique coupon codes to over 1,400 Zapier apps and easily distribute them one by one via Chat Bots, email or landing pages.

What you will need for this tutorial:

1. account
2. account
3. account
4. List of Coupon Codes from Seller Central

How to Setup Single-Use Coupon Codes from Seller Central

After you generate and download your coupons, all you need to do is to copy and paste them in our super-simple to use interface.

Let's give it a name first by creating a list at

You are now ready to use Zapier and connect Coupon River to many other apps.

ManyChat integration example

Chatbots are proven to have much higher open rates than email, so let's use the leader of chatbots, ManyChat to distribute our coupon codes.

STEP ONE: Click on this link to get started.

Select a MnayChat Trigger. It could be a tag or as simple as a new subscriber

This is it for the Trigger Part. Now you will need to setup an action.

Select the coupon list that we previously created

That's all!

Test and Finish and make sure you turn on the Zap.

Now, every time we get a new ManyChat subscriber or a user is tagged with a specific tag, a coupon code will be delivered to that user.

Now it's your turn to get creative and have fun distributing your single-use unique coupon codes.


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